Daniela Pesendorfer

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City Combination

Photography 2006 | 30x45 cm Photography 2006 | 30x45 cm
In the center of interest stands the creation of a surreal immage of a mixed city.

What makes us recognize the city in which we live?
What  elements can be smuggled in, and what elements seem to be unkown?
How does the photography of Vienna chanche  the second city ort he new combined city?

Two photogrophies (of two different cities) are cut in stripes and put together to one. The photography of Vienna always stays the same. This gives the vewer the opportunity to see the car on the picture of Vienna going through different cities and in special through unreal parts of the new created city-combination. An indirect movement is shown, it gets with the help of the strips stronger. The two photographies give fewers the opportunity to get over the limits of time and space.


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